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Well I am new here. I joined this because my friend said this is a great place to meet other people for support. I am a (straight) ana boy, I know we are rare, but we need support too! I'm trying to lose about 20 lbs ASAP. 

CW: 195
1st GW: 185
UGW: 170

I am a nice person and I don't bite, any support is greatly appreciated!
AIM: RedEyedDream

Stay Strong!!!!

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welcome!! :D check out the communities, they're a great way to meet people. am_i_thin has a lot of active members

Hey there. I found your journal while surfing and felt compelled to reply. I know nothing a stranger says will change your mind about the path you've decided to take, but please know, from someone who has seen the devasting effects of an eating disorder on someone she loves (my mother had a heart attack at 72 lbs, the doctors said she won't live but maybe till 60), that I wish I could change your mind, even as a stranger. I'm constantly having to examine my own motivations whenever I make a diet change to make sure I'm not imitating my mother, and while it's a pain in the ass sometimes, it is worth.

The strength to lose weight healthily is there, it is in all of us.

Good luck, and I hope you find that strength.

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