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Last night.
 UUUGGGHHH!!! last night was terrible!!! I was doing great all day. I only had a Syrian snack which is all herbs and spices, a little bit of olive oil, on whole wheat pita bread. It is less then 100 calories I bet. (Since my grandmother makes it there is no nutritional facts) But then all of a sudden the fatass in me decided he wanted burgers. So I made and ate a two burgers. Didn't even purge, next time, today, right now, will be different I promised ana and myself! 

-Stay Strong!

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Heynot sure if you've heard of it but on livejournal there is a community called 28 day plan and it's a really good way to keep your diet and exercise under control. You should check it out. I'm in day fourteen of my 28 days and other than these last few days i've been doing pretty well. It's a good motivation. You should try it out :)

thanks for the heads up I will for sure!

Alright. Go to the site, read all about what it is and let me know what you think :)

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